South Africa has a critical shortage of trained technological people. Increasing the number of technologically trained people, both men and women, is thus essential for economic development. The South African government identified the need for an increase in the number of women engaged in the engineering as a national priority. Girls should be encouraged to take science subjects at schools, not only to pursue a scientific, engineering or technological career, but also to be able to apply scientific concepts in their daily lives.

The objective of this project is to:

  • Establish Engineering as a desirable career aspiration field for girls and women
  • Develop retention and growth strategies for Women already studying in the field of Engineering
  • Mentor, assist and advance women already in the field of Engineering

Ms Ann Lourens, Head of Department: Industrial Engineering, was appointed as the manager of this project, and has devised a project plan that includes various activities such as:

  • Finding a home/venue for a Woman in Engineering Society where female students can interact
  • A Woman's Day Lunch, where B Tech students and women from Industry will be invited to attend a lunch, with a guest speaker
  • Personal Development Plan, which includes testing, identification of training needs, individual development plans, a training plan and training
  • Mentors and Buddies from Engineering staff and Senior students
  • Community projects driven by students
  • Careers Day
  • Bursaries for M and D students

The logo below shows the proposed logo for the Association of Woman in Engineering

AWE Logo

Contact information
Prof Ann Lourens
Associate Professor
Tel: 27 41 504 9124